Sunday, December 20, 2009


A few years ago my mission and school had a volunteer named Mary who was not a PCV, but was an American, so now every time I meet someone new and they find out I am American, they begin to rave about how great Mary was. One of our colleagues Donna’s house got broken into yesterday, which is not uncommon here, but it stinks to feel unsafe in your own house only a week after moving in. Ann has been staying with her for a few days to help her feel safer.
We joke sometimes that Mozambique is like the goldmine of the Peace Corps. While it is a country in need of a lot of assistance and development, it has things like electricity and cell phones that are hard to come by or just don’t exist in other countries. Plus, in Mozambique you are placed either in the mountains, or near the ocean. Additionally, I got placed in Inhambane province which, among other things, is known for its mangos and cashews: two of my favorite foods in the whole world. Living in a tropical place in general is a new and wonderful thing for me and I am loving all the fresh fruit that you can get anywhere, anytime and just tastes so much better than the fruit I am used to in Illinois and Maine. I don’t even like bananas in the States, but here they have like 6 different varieties of bananas and they all taste amazing!

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