Friday, November 26, 2010


Today we were doing statistics for the students in the school and I suddenly realized why my class (that I am director of) is so much worse than the others I teach. And I am a little puzzled as to why I didn’t figure this out sooner. I teach 5 different classes and am director of one of those. Of the 5 classes I teach, 4 are great, and the one I am director of is awful. The 4 other classes I teach have 17-22 boys and 20-25 girls. The one I am director of and don’t like has 28 boys and 14 girls. How did I not notice this throughout the entire year? And in case anyone thinks I am being unwarranted in my sexism, here are the statistics from my class. 14 of the boys passed (that’s 50%), whereas 12 of the girls passed (86%).
One of my colleagues is having a money problem right now. On Monday all of the faculty had their salaries deposited into their accounts with one mistake, the salary of one person (we’ll call her Susan) was deposited into another person’s (and Chuck) account in addition to this person’s actual salary. By the time they were able to track down what exactly had happened, Chuck had apparently spent all of the money, so now with Christmas approaching Susan is out a whole month’s paycheck. What boggles my mind is that Chuck is not actually a teacher but works part-time at the school, so he makes half as much as Susan and I do—how did he not notice that he had 3 times more money than he should and how did he manage to spend that much money in 3 days? I am lending Susan some money until this situation gets sorted out and she gets paid back because she, like most people here, have nothing to fall back on when something like this happens.

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