Wednesday, May 18, 2011


May 12th is Nurse’s Day, so on Saturday night the hospital staff had a nurses’ party and Ann brought me as her plus-one. Everyone was seated in a large square and we got seated far too close to the head table which was a little awkward. The permanent secretary and the doctor were there at the head table and they had also been at the science fair—long day for them and me! After dinner the tables were moved aside for dancing which is essential and always fun in Mozambique. I got to meet a lot of Ann’s colleagues which was nice because I haven’t yet since our work sectors don’t overlap. The permanent secretary loves us and kept forcing us to get up and dance but we were secretly glad she did. And, it turns out the electric slide is a universal thing and the head table kept doing it! Their electric slide has an extra step in it at one point which kept throwing me off, but I felt pretty cool being able to dance in unison with all of those important people. At one point the permanent secretary told me I dance like a Mozambican—WOW, I can think of no higher praise.

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