Saturday, January 7, 2012


This morning I ran past a man walking down the street sipping out of his beer bottle at 5:48am. Seriously?
It’s mid-summer here and it’s hot! And humid. I had straightened my hair for the flight back here and as soon as I stepped off the plane in Maputo I could feel my hair start to curl back up.
I went to visit my host family yesterday. My mom greeted me with a big smile and “you got fat!” Baby Anata is still scared of me, but I’ll be around all the time this year, so I’m sure she’ll get used to me soon enough. She had a fever on an already hot day so she was in just a diaper and my host mom wrapped her in a damp towel that kept drying too quickly. Unfortunately all of my other host siblings and cousins had gone to spend the holidays with other relatives. She asked me about the accident. Everyone in Namaacha heard about it because we all live here with families during our ten-week training. I was surprised that my taxi driver in Maputo also asked about it, but maybe he drives a lot of PCVs.

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