Saturday, May 12, 2012

For fun....

Apologies, I have been on the road to a fantastic malaria training (I will post a description) and on top of that I am extremely busy! Here are some pictures to make up for my lack of writing.
Let's call this Mozambican sledding. The kids cut old broken containers (the yellow thing is a 25 liter container that everyone here uses for collecting, carrying, and storing water), attach ropes as as such, and pull each other down hills. As you might imagine, this makes a terrible racket. I wish they could just once experience how fun sledding is when one person doesn't have to pull the other other rocks and holes.
This Peace Corps promotional poster hangs in our office in Maputo. The sentiment of the poster is good--I hope it reached some people back in the states. Over here, however, all of us education PCVs get a good laugh out of it. If you're a teacher you may have noticed it already too. Check out the middle kid--he's totally cheating.
Contrary to what I thought before joining Peace Corps, my service has not included a lot of sitting in my hut trying to pass the time. I am extremely busy this year with what is basically an administrative job. I was extremely busy the last two years teaching a normal teaching load and managing all my extra-curricular clubs as well. However, PCVs still end up with time we didn't have in the states: inside our houses at sundown, waiting for the water to boil for our baths, waiting to fill every container we have when the water only comes out every few days. So during these times we pick up some fun new hobbies. Micah, another PCV, made this woman and her large mortar and pestel, I made her clothing.

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