Thursday, September 6, 2012


            We were sitting in the Maputo airport waiting for Anna’s dad to arrive. At one point I looked over at Anna to see her giving a passing girl a really strange look. “Why are you looking at her like that?” I asked. “How do you spell Bowdoin?” Anna asked, “and you guys are the Polar Bears right? Well that girl who just walked by is wearing Bowdoin sweatpants.” I fervidly watched the bathroom so I wouldn’t miss the girl when she reappeared and, when she did, saw that she was in fact wearing Bowdoin pants. “Excuse me” I called out “do you go to Bowdoin?” The girl looked very surprised, “yes, I’m a junior there.” “I was Bowdoin ’09!” I told her and she laughed. She had been studying abroad at the University of Cape Town and had now come to Mozambique to visit. I told her we were in the Peace Corps here and wish wished her a good rest of her trip. Bowdoin College is a tiny liberal arts college in Maine with about 1700 students, but so often I find that this is indeed a small, small world!

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