Tuesday, January 15, 2013


            Happy New Year! I write from London’s Heathrow airport, on my way back to Africa, only this time to Swaziland. I hope everyone had wonderful holidays. During the approximately one month I had back in the States, I enjoyed catching up with family and friends, eating lots of good food, and many of the other wonders that America offers, like movie theaters, public skating, and snow. Now back to Swaziland for three-to-four more months, so look forward to hearing about the adventures I have there!
            One thing I forgot to write about before the holidays. A few days before I left, Anna gathered my hair in a ponytail and cut off as much as possible, while still leaving enough for me to pull back. I then offered this hair to my host mother as a gift. Mozambican women love braiding real hair into their own as extensions. Some PCVs have even been able to finance post-Peace Corps travels by selling their hair! Although my black hair isn’t the most exciting (as opposed to brunette or, better, blonde or red), my host mom was still thrilled and actually almost cried. Totally worth the headache of bucket-bathing such long hair during the last few months!

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