Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am a little hazy on the details, but apparently someone was putting in a new TV line to the cut and cut ours. So here at the mission and across the street at the Salesian priests’ technical school, the phone lines, internet, fax line, etc have been down for over a week. Supposedly someone is coming right away from Maputo to fix it, but I have been here long enough to not believe people when they tell me something will happen quickly.
Has been miserably hot the past few days. If you can find a place in the shade and there is a breeze and you don’t exert yourself whatsoever, and you are only mildly uncomfortable. But yesterday I walked into town, so about 35 minutes of walking in the sun along the highway. By the time I got there I was literally pouring sweat and quite light-headed. This morning it was sweltering in church, which is a one-room reed building with too few windows and not quite enough space for everyone who was there this morning. Mozambicans don’t sweat very much so you know you’re in trouble when they all have glistening brows.
In college I dreaded doing laundry and would put it off until the last possible day, when I was literally down to my last pair of laundry. Now as I hand wash and rinse a basin full of clothes I struggle to remember exactly what it was that I didn’t like about doing laundry.

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