Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today we had a faculty meeting during the last period of morning classes, during which time on Thursdays each homeroom director meets with their homeroom. Since afternoon classes would be starting 50 minutes later, I thought to myself, well at least the meeting can’t last any longer than that. Wrong. The meeting lasted into the third period of the afternoon, I am just glad I don’t teach in the afternoon or I would have been furious.
One time Emma and I were on a chapa and were making small talk with the women sitting around us. They asked if we spoke English and we said yes. One woman said “you will have to teach us English and we will teach you our language.” “What’s that, Portuguese?” we asked. “No!” all the women said emphatically, “we all speak Portuguese, but that’s not our language, our languages are the Bantu languages.”

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