Monday, March 1, 2010


The new head sister here at the mission arrived on Saturday. I was a little worried because I really love the former one, but she is really sweet and so I am much relieved.
After finishing grading my tests the averages for my classes were between 9-11 (out of 20). This was actually better than I expected, but still bad enough to please my colleagues who are under the impression that Americans give out points the kids don’t deserve. I told Mary, the volunteer before me, what our colleague had said and her response was “I was just a damn good teacher and that’s why my students got good grades! ;)” I had one 20, which was wonderful, and only one 0, so not desired but I am glad I had only one. There were quite a few 17s and 18s and also quite a few 1s and 3s. Oh well.
The mission has a guitar that I have been playing pretty regularly. The girls love it when I play “Hallelujah” because the chorus is just “hallelujah” over and over and they can all sing along with me.
Small bursts of rains all day today, I think my class thought I was nuts today when I ran outside during one brief downpour expecting a rainbow. Finally this afternoon I got my brief but beautiful rainbow.

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