Friday, March 12, 2010


When role is being called the kids usually respond with “estou” (I am) or “presente” (present). Today one of my kids responded with “presidente” (president) instead and it caught everyone so off guard we all burst out laughing.
And the student who had his chair pulled out from under him last week got his perpetrator back today. Wish I knew how to say “payback’s a bitch” in Portuguese.
Today after classes Ann’s mom took Emma, Ann, and me to Zavora beach for lunch and then to hang out at the beach for a little bit so that she could swim in the Indian Ocean. Ann and Emma went for a weekend once before, but I had never been since I had had a faculty meeting that Saturday. It is a breathtakingly beautiful long and secluded beach, so we were literally the only people. The waves were huge (too bad none of us had a surfboard) and it was a struggle just to avoid getting knocked over. Actually Emma did once, haha. A wonderful afternoon.

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