Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yesterday we got a ride with one of Erin’s colleagues who used to live next door to her but now ironically lives next door to Ann. He was with his buddies who work for HALO trust, a demining organization in Mozambique. We have been seeing their cars, t-shirts, and tent cities for 17 months now, as they move around the country deactivating landmines left over from the civil war. At Ann’s request, I asked one of the guys if he would trade his shirt for hers, a “Green Beer Day” t-shirt from Miami of Ohio. After a bit of cajoling he agreed, and from that point on he thought it was the coolest and funniest thing he had ever done. He told us that he would ask for t-shirts for Erin and me and next time we were in Maputo we would have to call him to get them. We can’t wait to get our cool new t-shirts! And we carefully instructed him that his new t-shirt was a party t-shirt, so it was to be worn when having a good time.

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