Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This morning I heard a goat bleat outside my window and immediately got annoyed and angry. Whose goat what is, why was there a goat inside the mission and next to my house, and it better not poop next to my house. I think there was a time when my first reaction to a goat outside my window might have been surprise or something other than annoyance.
A student sitting outside the school yesterday called me mulungo. I calmly smacked him on the head and instructed him that I would never hear him use this word at our school again and in the future he would always refer to me as “teacher” or “miss teacher.” When he tried to blame someone else or look away I hushed him and grabbed his face to make sure he understood I was serious. And with a smile I told him I would see him tomorrow. As I was walking away I heard a by standing student say “Hah, she won that one!” This is actually the second time this year a student has called me that which is strange because I don’t remember it happening last year. But perhaps it is because both times they were eighth graders, the only ones dumb enough to do that, and last year the eighth graders were my own students.
Out of nowhere it has gotten miserably hot again. Yesterday I went through three different shirts before 5pm. And I don’t even sweat that much in comparison to other people.

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