Saturday, April 16, 2011


I went down to Maputo Sunday to get some work done in the office using the internet and printer. But of course the printer was out of ink and the internet was spotty, oh well. Tonight the Ambassador threw a party to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Peace Corps, which was the real reason I had come down, my picture had won for the category “In the Community.” I posted the picture back in January I believe, I have baby Anata on my back and we’re talking to my host grandmother. The party was wonderful. All of the contest winners were there, including Mozambican students who had entered and won the art and sculpture competitions, so Peace Corps flew them down to the party as their prize. Their names were printed in the program, their artwork displayed, and they were called on stage for recognition—it really must have been one of the most phenomenal experiences of their lives. Also at the party were all of the RPCVs in Maputo (honestly, like half of the people in the Foreign Service), so I got to talk to a ton of interesting people.
I have tried and tried to upload videos of my girls from the Women’s Day Celebrate, but the internet has not been fast enough yet, and the videos simply never load.

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