Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I can finally write about this! Those of you who know me well might have wondered a little when I mentioned a few times I was embroidering, here is the story. One of my friends and former teammates was in a terrible accident last year, so another friend organized the making of a quilt for her for her birthday. She organized for all of us to prepare one quilt patch each that would eventually all be conjoined into the quilt. When Guy and Anat visited me I embroidered my patch as quickly as possible (and embroidering for the first time in my life) because I wanted to send it back to America with them, since I don’t trust the mail system here. But before they headed stateside they visited family in South Africa and on their last night the backpack containing my quilt patch was stolen. So I made a second one. I made it very quickly and sent it as soon as possible, since the mail system is so unreliable here. I sent it from my post office here Inharrime, nicely demanding that they put the postage on the package and place it in the appropriate “out” box while I watched. And then I prayed. But it didn’t arrive and didn’t arrive. My wonderful friend who had organized the whole project didn’t want me to be left out from the quilt, so she replicated my patch using the picture I had sent her (and this was amazing of her to do, thank you Julie, but my patch was incredibly intricate so she wasn’t able to replicate everything and she would have been insane to try). But today I received an email—the patch had arrived! I am so happy and relieved.

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