Monday, July 4, 2011


This weekend we celebrated the America’s Independence Day in Inharrime with a bunch of other PCVs and friends. We did a potluck and barbeque (NOT a braai—what South Africans call it—on this weekend!) and enjoyed a lot of good food.
On Sunday Stephanie and Sarah headed to Tofo Beach to enjoy the beautiful Mozambican beaches everyone raves about. On Friday I was able to buy 2 kilos of fresh shrimp on the street in town for roughly $7. We had a pie crust leftover from the weekend, so we used a can of blueberry filling that my mom had sent, and for dinner last night we had Thai shrimp green curry and blueberry pie! Mozambique or no, it was one of the best meals I’ve eaten in my life. But I look forward to the day when I can buy shrimp in a store what is already de-shelled, or coconut milk that we don’t have to make from scratch.
This week is final exam week for the trimester, so rather than giving lessons I am controlling exams this week. At one point one of my colleagues stopped in to ask if there were any questions (it was his test), as is customary. As he was passing around the classroom, he stopped and kissed two of the female students on the cheek (they were 11th graders, so roughly 18-20 years old). Publicly and showily. I wish I knew what I should think of something like that. Perhaps he was being funny, because it is within the range of acceptable behavior here. Perhaps he is sleeping with them and everybody knows and nobody cares. Perhaps he wants to be sleeping with them. I could live here for years and still be very confused by things like this.

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