Tuesday, July 17, 2012


            The past two mornings the neighborhood kids have come knocking on our gate to ask if they could pick papayas from our tree. I am extremely pleased that they are doing this because they can actually access the tree from the next-door-neighbor’s yard, and we have yelled at one girl (the one who is always causing problems for us) because she would climb up on our roof without asking. I reminded the kids that we always allow them to come into our yard to pick fruit when they ask, and to do what that other girl does shows very poor education.
            The yellow things in the picture are what everyone here uses to carry and store water in. Water was coming out today (the black hose) so it means that the morning is spent rotating those yellow containers in to catch the water, and filling our various water receptacles inside the house.
            The girl who does our laundry told me this morning that grades from the second trimester came out (students are currently in week two of a two-week school break between trimesters one and two) and she passed with a 14 average out of 20. I am incredibly proud of her! Getting above an 11 or 12 in Mozambique is extremely difficult, and if she keeps it up, she will be exempt from taking national exams at the end of the year!

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