Tuesday, October 23, 2012


            I officially finished and submitted ALL of my grad school applications yesterday! When I told my brother this he said “that’s awesome! I hope the fact that you’re done with your apps means you’ll get to blog a bit more now.” Noted.
Today five of the trainees came over to hang out and cook Pelmeni, Russian dumplings. I’m not exactly sure how the idea started, but two of the Moz 19s were born in Russia and when they mentioned cooking, Anna and I happily offered up our kitchen. Last Sunday after I returned from church I worked on grad school applications, took a long nap, and watched a movie. So hanging out with interesting people, learning to cook a new food, and eating that delicious new food (and chocolate chip banana bread I made) was definitely an upgrade! 
The crew in the kitchen
Men in the kitchen--I got proof! These are our two Russians who taught the rest of us the art of Pelmeni-making. 


  1. Too fun! I ate tons of pelmeni and vareneky during my service. I just taught my cousin, her daughters and my grandma how to make them over the weekend :)

  2. Betsy! Actually one of the girls over that day spent about eight years growing up in the Ukraine, so I was telling her all about you!