Thursday, April 4, 2013


            Over the Easter holiday weekend (Thursday-Monday) all the hostel kids go back to their homesteads. Since baby D doesn’t have a place to go back to, she is staying with me for the weekend and we are LOVING being together. I’m sure it’s also nice for her to sleep in her own quiet and dark room, rather than in a room that 60 other girls pass through loudly at 9pm and 5am. On Friday we went to the country club in the nearest city, where there is a pool, playground, and restaurant. D has never been to a pool before, but her favorite activity is playing in the sink, so I figured she would like it. We didn’t have a pool diaper for her, so we put her in underwear underneath a swimsuit and crossed our fingers that she wouldn’t poop in the pool. After taking her diaper off and before putting the swimsuit on, I figured I’d try to get her to pee one more time. I took her and held over the toilet to see what would happen—and she peed right away! Just one more indication that, even though she refuses to speak, she’s always watching and paying attention.
            Last weekend we had a pig roast to celebrate a couple birthdays and some visitors from the states!

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