Wednesday, January 6, 2010


When we arrived in Mozambique in September, one of the first things our training director Claudia said to us was “wow, your feet are so clean!” I didn’t understand then, but I do now. In the states, unless you are at the beach or in the park, one never walks in the dirt, but always, always on a paved surface. Well good luck finding a paved surface in Mozambique. The only paved surface in our town is the national highway that runs through it. No other pathways, sidewalks, or roads are paved. So all your walking is done in the dirt and when it’s really hot, like now, your sweaty feet just collect all the dirt within a mile radius.
There have been six home robberies of PCVs since we moved into site three weeks ago.
We have one other colleague who lives in our town, Emma, who is a Moz 13 and has been living here for a year already. She came back into town this week, so today we met up with her. She is an English teacher at the local public secondary school and all the kids in town call her “teacher Emma.” This town isn’t going to know what hit them with all these white girls walking around.

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