Monday, January 11, 2010


Last night one of the stories on the nightly news was that a baby was born weighing 3.6kg and all of the sisters were amazed by how heavy the baby was. I pulled out my phone which has a converter to see how much that was in pounds: 7.9lbs! In the states a baby would have to weigh twice as much at least to make the news.
Emma, Ann, and I caught a boléia up to Tofo beach this morning where we met up with Becky and Stephanie, who I visited for my site visit, as well as Matt and Alicia who were there to swim with whale sharks. On the drive up we passed a chapa completely flipped over, lying on its roof. We discovered an ice cream shop there that actually had real, delicious ice cream. I didn’t think I would be having real ice cream for the next two years. It was amazing, I had two cones. We pretended that we didn’t understand English every time a vendor would come up to us on the beach. We would tell them that we were volunteers and didn’t have any money, but that the other mulungos right over there were South African tourists who definitely had some money to buy their things.

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