Thursday, December 16, 2010


Erin, our new sitemate, arrived to Inharrime today--Welcome Erin! When she got in we talked to her school director a little bit and also her roommate (and Emma's former roommate) who is also an english teacher at her school. Afterwards we showed her around town a little bit, introducing her to the ladies in the market we like, the two who never called us mulungo or try to rip us off, as well as pointing out places where she can get certain things. After cooking our Inharrime specialties for her we walked her home so she could spend the first night in her own bed and helped her hang her mosquito net because, get this, I am actually taller than her! I am leaving Inharrime tomorrow until December 21st and Ann leaves Inharrime the day after which is a little unfortunate but it will also force her really get integrated and get to know people in our community.

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  1. Hi Scooter! Thanks for welcoming Erin. She was very excited to have you waiting for her when she arrived. Can't wait to meet you!