Sunday, December 26, 2010


While Anna and I were in Maputo working on REDES stuff at one point we had to go to the slummy part of town to run some errands and then catch a chapa out of town to visit one of Anna’s REDES girls since Anna is going to be in her mother’s wedding. We didn’t get harassed too badly which was nice, though walking around that part of town as two white girls is never fun. Actually, that’s where I got chased by the guy with the knife my first weekend in Mozambique, luckily that didn’t happen this time.
After running our errands we set out trying to find the chapa to Anna’s student’s house, but we weren’t having any luck. Searching for the right chapa, I asked a man on the side of the road, “excuse me sir, do you know where the Liberty chapa is?” He nicely but sternly corrected me: “Good morning.” This was incredibly rude of me to just ask him a question without properly greeting him first. I hung my head in shame, “Good morning sir, how are you?” “I am fine thank you. And you?” “I am fine too, thank you.” And then he smiled and told me where to find the chapa.

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