Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Down in Maputo now, first for a REDES meeting over the weekend, then to run some REDES errands, then for our annual medical check-up. Due to a combination of all of the girls in the orphanage being sick after the holidays and staying up all night last Sunday (for the Superbowl) I got sick last week. The fevers, headaches and body pains were fine, but the lymph nodes in my neck swelled up a ton, making it incredibly painful and difficult to swallow for about 5 days. I was worried that this would continue the whole time I was in Maputo, preventing me from eating all of the good food here (which is basically the only reason for coming to Maputo), but thanks to antibiotics the swelling has gone down and I am feeling better and eating again.
Anna’s brother and his girlfriend are visiting from America so I got to meet them the other day. It’s always fun to meet people’s families and get a little taste of where they come from. Plus visitors from America also always remind us of how much we have changed in the past year.
Now it is time for our medical check-ups, so blood tests, collecting stool samples, all that fun stuff.

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