Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Teaching is going well. As I am sure they are learning to understand my American accent, I am slowly learning to speak their English. Bich is beach, thankfully. When a student said “I want to do the teacher” I smiled and responded “you want to be a teacher? That’s wonderful!” One student said he must bite in order to become a better fighter. I wasn’t sure if it was a Mike Tyson reference until another student told me he meant to say “beat.”
Today we celebrated the death of Dom Bosco, the founder of the Salesian order. Ronnie, the new Canadian volunteer who will be here for a year made lasagna for everyone for dinner and it was fantastic. They made everything, including the lasagna noodles, for 70 people which is really impressive. He kept apologizing that he had run out of sauce and vegetables, so it wasn’t as moist as it should have been, but I still thought it was delicious.
The two French bicyclists on the tandem who I met a number of months back emailed to say that they had successfully completed their bike trip from Cape Town to Cairo. They are now back in France and trying to readjust to life there, though their life now is “a little bit more African than before.” Here is their blog address to read about their adventure. http://tandemetafrique.canalblog.com/

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