Monday, February 21, 2011


This morning I made my first announcement at the morning concentration before classes. My colleagues and director always think it’s pretty funny to invite me to say something, but I always decline. Last year one colleague was adamant that I make an announcement at some point. I smiled and told him that when he made an announcement in English, then I would gladly also make an announcement. My announcement today was that we would be starting an English club for students who enjoy speaking English and would like more practice conversing. Since there is not a single empty classroom in the school, I thought it would be best to meet on my front porch (literally 30m from the school) and go from there. So I asked the students if they were familiar with my house. And I am pretty sure, judging from the way all 500 of them and my colleagues laughed, that this had a sexual connotation. But you have to have tough skin to survive here and stuff like that doesn’t even faze me anymore.
Afterwards I was walking back to my house when the 12th grade English teacher walked by me and said “thank you for what you are doing! I think this project will be wonderful for the students!” Such a good feeling.
Yesterday my new English colleague sat in on my lesson. I have watched almost all of my colleagues teach at least once, but not a single one has ever watched one of my lessons, so it was nice. He speaks surprisingly good English and I think will be good to work with.

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