Thursday, August 25, 2011


Last week Donna, Luis, Erin and I were sitting in Ann’s house when she came walking in holding a toddler who, upon seeing four white faces grabbed Ann’s neck in fright. “Who’s that kid?” Donna asked. “Remember at our supervisor’s conference how Ann’s counterpart was extremely pregnant? That’s the kid. THAT is how long we’ve been here!” I responded. (Supervisor’s conference was where we met our bosses and counterparts at a two-day conference after we were sworn in as volunteers and before we were delivered to our sites—so December ’09.) On Sunday I nudged Buck and indicated to the cute little toddler giggling and dancing around the church, “she was still a fetus when I got here.”
Buck left today, which I am bummed about. It was so wonderful having him here for three months, it will be tough adjusting to him being gone. But I feel lucky to have gotten to spend that time with him.

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