Friday, April 13, 2012


Happy belated birthday to my baby brother Buck who, in a completely puzzling turn of events, is suddenly no longer a baby.
On a sad note, Anna and I returned from our Easter weekend away to find Shenzi, our new puppy, dead. It appears as though he just died in his sleep. But it’s sad and frustrating because now we are doubting just how well the man we are PAYING to take care of our house and dogs is really doing these things. He didn’t even call to tell us, which is either an extremely strange move on his house, or demonstrates that he hadn’t been to our house in the day or so before we returned, even though we are paying him to sleep there each night. Shenzi was the runt and fairly sickly, he had a skin disease that we were going to take him in to get treated for as soon as he was old enough, so it’s possible that there is nothing that could have been done. But a phone call giving us a heads up would have been good. He was a nice little puppy.
Other than the sad homecoming it was a very nice Easter weekend, spent up in Inharrime with the girls and the sisters. I got to spend my favorite holiday at one of my favorite places on earth and many wonderful hours with girls climbing all over me. I also got to see and catch up with a number of PCVs up in that area. At one point Irmã Dolorinda, the head sister in Inharrime, told me: “You know this is your home right? You are always welcome here and will always have a place here, even if you have to sleep under my bed!”

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