Sunday, April 22, 2012


It seems like anytime a chapa drives past me here the conductor sticks his head out the window and yells “Maputo?” at me. Regardless of whether I am on my morning jog, enjoying a snack, or just strolling down the street, it’s unfathomable to them that a white person would actually want to be on the streets of Namaacha, surely she got lost en route to Maputo. This would happen in Inharrime too. On most days I just wave my finger “no” at them…on some days I yell back “do I LOOK like I’m going to Maputo?!” This morning it happened again. I just shrugged my arms like “what are you thinking?” and gave them a bad look. But then one of the men standing in a group talking between the chapa and me yelled back to the chapa conductor “no she doesn’t want to go to Maputo, she’s going to church!” I laughed and thanked him because he was absolutely correct.

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