Wednesday, February 6, 2013


            Today Ben, Beth, and Joe, the other Americans on the mission, took Natalie (the other volunteer) and me out for the day in Swaziland. It’s funny being in such a small country after Mozambique, which was both huge and additionally very hard to travel. Having a private car also changes things. Without too much trouble we went to both major cities, a famous glass-blowing and craft place on the far border, a game park, and another craft and candle place before hitting a grocery store and then heading home. Pictures below.
When we got back the baby was sitting on the ground by all the aunties who were sitting and talking in the shade. As I walked up one of them nodded toward the baby and said, “I want to see this.” When the baby turned her head and saw me coming her face lit up and she broke into a grin, much to the delight of everyone watching.

This peak is known as Execution Rock

The double-peaks are referred to as Sheba's Breasts. They look remarkably like breast from farther away and a different angle.

To the left of me (my right), far, far in the distance beyond the mountains lie Mozambique and the ocean. 

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