Wednesday, February 6, 2013


            Today the baby smiled! For a while I got her close to smiling, but it was obvious that she was trying her best not to let the smile actually show, and in those moments I got scared it might never happen. But she was clearly getting more comfortable with me over the past few days, and today it finally happened!
            Today while walking around in bridge school I got to witness one of the students explaining a math process to another student. Anyone who has ever taught knows this is one of the most wonderful, yet indescribable, emotions you can experience. After we had worked through a few math problems together on the board, I asked the students to copy the work. As I walked around I got to see another student trying to work through the problems on his own, then checking his answers against the ones on the board. This is a remedial program for kids who are a few years behind where they should be, so the staff here see the kids in this way. But if they would only see the conditions I taught in the past two years, they would know why this is such a breeze and a pleasure for me 

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