Thursday, March 21, 2013


            I read “The Little Engine That Could” with my afternoon education group yesterday. I didn’t know or had forgotten that the little engine that could was a SHE-engine. Love it!
            Many mornings when I’m teaching become take-your-daughter-to-work day, as the baby comes to play right outside the door to the classroom/dining hall, and occasionally decides to come in with her bow-legged waddle. Yesterday I was giving a test, so I wasn’t actually teaching, just patrolling the classroom. The baby came in with her arms stretched out wide and sort of fell onto my legs hugging them. She grabbed my skirt and pulled down, expecting me to pick her up, and pulled my elastic-waist skirt down a good 5 inches before I was able to react and grab it. Luckily all of my students were engrossed in their tests and I don’t think anyone noticed.
            After reading “The Little Engine That Could,” the kiddies (all 4-7 years old) did puzzles. One of the puzzles is a Winnie-the-Pooh puzzle which is great for the littler kids because it has fewer and large pieces. Unfortunately it’s missing one piece—the one with the majority of Piglet. One of the little boys who was working on that puzzle isn’t one you would label as the brightest kid and his English isn’t that great. Which was why I was so proud and impressed when he marched over to me with the picture of how the puzzle should turn out and demanded, “teacher! Where is the pig?!?” 

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