Thursday, March 28, 2013


            Let’s call the baby “D” from now on. I just found out that D was born an identical twin, and her twin died sometime around 7 months ago. This would have been really nice to know two months ago when she arrived and was so emotionally and psychologically stunted. Not only was she incredibly sick and emotionally closed off from lack of consistent affection—she was missing her other half.
            Bad news on the baby front. The orphanage that had “promised” to take her (she had already been turned down by two orphanages, because they only take kids under two years and she is 2 years 4 months) has now communicated that they won’t take her. Their policy is that, once a kid enters, they have no further contact with the outside, including family. They don’t want to take D because her mom has stated she would like to visit her. This is frustrating because we are running out of options and I would like to see her placed in a good situation before I leave. It doesn’t make much sense because her mother already signed away her legal rights as a guardian, so it’s not like she could show up to reclaim the baby. Plus her mother is mentally unstable, incredibly poor, and lives 3-5 hours from the capital city by public transport—I really don’t think they need to be worried about her visiting too often. 

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