Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have one 12th grader in my REDES (Girls In Development, Education and Health) group (all of the other girls are 9th graders) who has really taken on a leadership role and acts as big sister to all of the other girls in the group. Wanting to tap into this leadership potential, I encouraged her to start her own REDES group in the primary school that she would be the main facilitator of, and I could help out with. Due to schedule conflicts, I was finally able to make it to my first of their meetings today. They have decided their focuses will be theater and dancing, so during their meeting they did just that. Their facilitator, my 12th grade REDES girl, had written a short skit about women’s rights so they practiced it. Then afterwards they danced with true Mozambican flourish and energy for a good 20 minutes before we sent them on their way. June 25th is Mozambican Independence Day, so they have decided to prepare a dance to perform at the town celebration.

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