Wednesday, June 15, 2011


There are five little girls in the orphanage this year who are too young to go to school, so they just run around like they own the place, wreaking havoc on everything in sight. Right now I am sitting in the main house of the sisters trying to work while they are all in here, one is rubbing lotion on my arm, one is running around with no underwear on and her dress inside out, one keeps trying to stuff the little biscuit one of the sisters gave her into my mouth and once she’s finished she keeps pulling things out of the trash can and telling me what they’re for (and I have to remind her that trash isn’t for playing with), one has my house keys hanging around my neck and if I’m not careful she’ll walk off with them, she also keeps going through my bag and finding new things she can help carry for me, and one has my Nalgene on her head and is practicing carrying it like that and I’m pretty sure she’s going to drop it and make a mess.

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