Tuesday, June 21, 2011


On Saturday morning my dad came by my room at around 8:10am and asked how my REDES meeting was. “It hasn’t happened yet” I responded. “But wasn’t it at 7am?” he asked. “Yes, it is” I responded. He looked at his watch and gave me a puzzled look. I didn’t even bat an eye when our meeting finally started at 9:08am. Today I was chatting with one of my colleagues in the middle of the school courtyard when she said, “wait you have something in your teeth” and reached out. I had no other choice, so I bared my teeth and let her pick out the piece of food right there in the middle of the school. My definition of normal has changed so much in the past year.
Last night I came across some yogurt in our town (which is pretty rare), so I wanted to buy it while I could. I checked the expiration date—04 Jul. I’ll be traveling later this week so I won’t eat all 6 yogurts before they expire, but I’ll get to them within a couple weeks after. The other yogurt I have from the last time I bought expires on 02/11/11. I just keep hoping that the date is written in the system used here where the day is written first, because this gives me another few months. As opposed to the American style of writing the date, in which case they expired four months ago. Oh well, I haven’t died yet.

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