Wednesday, January 12, 2011


After a wonderful Christmas at the mission we headed to Tsene Lagoa on the 27th (happy birthday Mama!) for a week. Still my favorite place in the world. It just has a calming effect on your soul, both due to the wonderfully beautiful setting and scenery, and because John and Yvette are such amazing people. I will post pictures. One day we walked down the beach to Zavora (about 8k) for lunch one day which was fun because there are a bunch of lodges there, thus the beach was full of people, some of them our friends. But seeing all the people also made me so glad we are staying at Tsene, where we have the whole beach to ourselves.
Almost every night we (my mom) prepared some or sort Thai or other Asian dish which everyone loved, often trying it for the first time. And everyone got to try rolling their own sushi.
On New Year’s Eve we had a potjie, a traditional South African stew outside, and then we headed down to the beach for a bonfire and to bring in the New Year.

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