Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today was to be the first day of classes, but just as last year, the schedules weren’t ready yet, so no classes were actually held. We held concentrations before both morning and afternoon classes where general announcements were made and a story told. Three of the classrooms where I will likely be teaching aren’t actually finished being constructed yet, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.
This year eleventh, ninth, and the higher numbered eighth grades have classes in the afternoon. Which was perfect because all of my students from last year either passed into ninth grade, or failed and are in the higher numbered eighth grade classes, so I will be able to see them often. Some students who came up to talk to me were upset that I wouldn’t be teaching them this year. That felt nice. And a few of my REDES girls found me to make sure that we would be continuing our group this year.
I talked to a few colleagues about my desire to start an English Club in the school this year, because I think the biggest weakness with the English learned in the schools is that emphasis is put on reading and writing, since a teacher cannot possibly monitor the speaking proficiency of 60+students. Often you find students who can write exceptionally well, but cannot hold a conversation. My colleagues who I talked to were extremely excited about this idea and also had a couple ideas for things they want to implement this year. But people often have huge ideas that never become more than that, so I hope this isn’t the case with these.

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