Thursday, January 20, 2011


My first day of teaching English today, I think it went well. I want to review the very basics before we dive into the year, but I felt bad because there were three kids from my English Theater group last year and I could tell that they really didn’t need to review the present simple tense. This class was one of the new classrooms, down the hill from all of the rest. Like I said, they aren’t quite finished yet, so they aren’t painted, there are no windows, and the chalkboard wasn’t quite dry, so it kept coming off with the chalk when I wrote on it. After a double period with them I walked back up to the main area of the school only to find that everyone else had left. Not a single student was still at school. As this class was leaving school they ran into their teacher for next period who ushered them back to their classroom. Poor kids, they had the bad luck of getting the only two teachers who would actually still hold classes even when nobody else was—a Catholic Sister and me.

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