Thursday, January 27, 2011


I teach classes 1-4 of 11th grade, and on Friday one of the girls in training who is in 11th grade told me that classes 5 and 6 still didn’t have an English teacher. This upset me because they really need to learn English, but I said to Mary (my predecessor) that as much as I wanted to offer to teach the extra two classes, I couldn’t handle all of them and Mary agreed that I would go crazy if I did that, as much as I may want to. So of course this morning when my director approached me and asked me to take on these two last classes I readily agreed. It’s hard because the school literally looked and couldn’t find someone qualified to teach 11th grade and these kids really need to have English. But I did tell her that if I taught all 6 classes, I would only be able to teach each class 4 times per week, rather than the five times weekly that 11th grade English should meet.

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