Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today is November 1st, first day of hockey season. I don't mind that I don't get to skate today, but I do miss that today I don't get to be a Bowdoin Women's Ice Hockey player. Last night we had our Halloween party. It was the first time since we began training that we have all gotten together and done something really fun, so it was just such a nice release. Everyone’s costumes were really great, and all of the Mozambicans thought we were crazy. For the second weekend in a row I want to do laundry, but we are out of water. I explained to my mom though that I really need to do it today since I wasn’t able to last weekend, so they are buying some water. I still haven’t learned to carry things on my head but I really want to! You will see people here carrying huge containers of water or crates filled with two liter glass soda bottles on their head, it’s incredible. A few of my colleagues are starting their machamba (garden) today, so I will go over and see how their swales and berms look. I learned today that my little brother has another name everyone calls him by, and suddenly things make a lot more sense. A cousin died and in Mozambican culture family goes to stay with the family of the deceased, so I haven´t seen my grandma in days.

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