Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today I was interviewing a cousin for a homework project and I asked him his age. He gave me a weird look, he didn't know. He knew his birth date though so he wrote that down and I told him he is 24 years old. He is in the ninth grade but my mom said that it is not uncommon where we live for people that old to be only in secondary school. For the same project I asked my mom how old her son's father (her boyfriend) is. She didn't know, maybe 28 or 29. There are two bakeries in town. The one by the market has just wonderful homemade bread, think sourdough quality. The other bakery is just not that good, think supermarket quality, drier and flakier. My family gets bread everyday, but seemed to switch between the two bakeries without any pattern which I didn't understand because they taste so different but cost the same. I finally asked my mom why some days we get bread from one bakery and some days the other. She said she likes the one by the market more (the good stuff) but grandma had said that I would like the other bread better. This morning my mom asked me if I liked something. I didn't know the word so she showed me a tin of something like canned tuna. I said sure, I eat anything, and she said "okay good because I put it in your salad." Oh, the homestay experience.

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