Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today Erica and i went to Maputo after classes. We went to A Casa de Elephante, a famous capulana shop. It is almost information overload when you walk in, there are just hundreds and hundreds of beautiful patterns everywhere. We then went to the wood market where I got a frame to put in a picture of me with my family to give them. Erica bought a drum! I had two incredibly rich and delicious milkshakes at lunch. A number of restaurants I have been to advertise milkshakes on their menus but then never actually have them. It's a terrible tease. After we went to a store in the front of the chinese hotel, I don't what the real name is, the volunteer just call it the chinese walmart. The Mambas, the Mozambican soccer team, had a game today that some of our colleagues went to. Admission was 1OO meticais, about $4. When I returned home everyone had gone to Maputo to see the new baby cousin so my 13 year old cousin and I were on our own for dinner. Erica and Diana came over and we made banana pancakes with chocolate syrup and onion and tomato scrambled eggs. It was fun in cook and so nice to do it without anyone hovering and commenting on how strangely (or wrong) we were doing things. It was funny, my 16 year old cousin took advantage of everyone being away by throwing a rowdy party with his friends, when all we wanted to do was cook our own food, our own way.

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