Monday, November 30, 2009


Had a session on stigma and HIV/AIDS today, all in portuguese. It's amazing to realize how much my portuguese has improved. I can understand it all and I don't even get a headache after. Unfortunately listening and understanding is drastically different from actually forming the sentences yourself. And of course there is often a disconnect between what you have in your mind and what actually comes out of your mouth. With my family if I don't know a word I often guess using my ground in spanish and latin. Sometimes that works really well and sometimes they just stare at me. It's amazing how experience can completely change one's attitude. In the short time I have been here I have come to realize that for me, electricity is simply a luxury, while water is a necessity. Electricity allows me to write emails and blogs, listen to my ipod, and use my cell phone. I enjoy doing all of these but could live without them. On the other hand, water is necessary all the time and for everything! You need it to bathe, to wash your dishes, to cook with, to wash your food, to wash your clothes, to wash your hands, and to drink. I don't yet know the electricity or water status of my future site, but I am just crossing my fingers that water is fairly accessible!

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