Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today we ended classes early so a bunch of us made picnic lunch of the wonderful bread we have here and bagias (these delicious fried bean patties that are sold outside the bakeries here) and hiked up the mountain outside of town to the point where Swaziland, South Africa, and Mozambique all meet. Unfortunately it was pretty overcast so while the view was amazing for most of the hike up and down, once we got to the top of the mountain everything was completely shrouded in fog and we couldn't see more than 5O feet. Our sandwiches at the top of the mountain were just delicious and when we could we the view was gorgeous. When we are walking around town it is very common for the kids to yell "hey foreigner" in portuguese at us. Today when I walked by a group of kids, a boy "spoke chinese" (ching chong kwa) at me. This is very common for the Asian volunteers here, but I was just pretty impressed via any even knew I was Asian, especially without my hair which is about my only Asian feature.

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