Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A few weeks ago during training we had a little competition and my group won, so our prize was that today we had lunch at the house of Rubin, the Peace Corps Mozambique director. He and his wife are very nice and the food was great (and not oil-soaked). They have an american phone number so we were all able call home, the only drawback was that it was between 2am-5am, depending on where we were calling. Yesterday at the chinese walmart I got a pack of chopsticks that I gave to my family tonight. They were a huge hit! Everyone tried to eat dinner with them, with varying degrees of success. My brothers were determined to use them, often picking up food with one hand and placing it on the chopsticks. When my mom tried my 3 year old brother said "wait mom, let me show you how!" Tonight there was another cousin here who is 3 and apparently used to live here until about a week before I came. I asked my mom how now grandchildren my grandma has. She wasn't sure but thinks 2O.

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