Monday, November 30, 2009


After doing my laundry for 2.5 hours this morning Rebecca, Erica, and I packed a "piquenique" (portuguese for picnic) and walked the 11ish mile loop. It seemed much shorter than last weekend when I walked it alone and life doesn't get any better than eating a bajia sandwich sitting on top of a ridge where you can see farther than 50 miles. It makes me sad that people I could see myself becoming good friends with are going way la (the portuguese word for anything that's not too close) and I probably won't see them again until midservice training. I do plan to travel the country and visit people, but I doubt I will get to do much of that during my first year. Whenever my grandma asked if I was afraid of the thunderstorms I always though she was patronizing me, but them tonight I watched her duck/flinch away from the window and cringe in fear during a particularly loud thunderclap. I would understand better if Mozambique didn't have an extended and incredibly intense rainy season. My cousin and I just opened a can of peas with a butter knife. I didn't know that was possible. We do have a can opener but nobody can find it right now.

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