Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I got viciously sick today. My mom was trying to figure out what might have made me sick and decided it was because I had eaten a banana first thing this morning. She said "here in Mozambique we don't eat bananas in the mornings." On a separate occasion I have been told that in Mozambique people don't eat oranges at night. We have had huge storms the past few nights. Lightning and thunder right on top of each other and pain so hard the sound is just deafening against the metal roofs. In the bathroom, which is not as well constructed as the rest of the house, you can see the outline of the cinderblocks where the water has seeped through the cement. Tonight my mom was telling of she has a bump or something below her arm that she has to go to the doctor's tomorrow. The word she was using wasn't in my dictionary, so instead she was describing it. She said it was "dura," like the dura part in your breasts. I freaked out a little and told her that breasts shouldn't have dura parts. I think we then decided that she was using dura to mean something closer to firm, rather than hard/solid how I was thinking. I hope.

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