Saturday, October 10, 2009


The electricity has gone out every day since I have been here always at about the same time in the evening, yet everyone always seems pretty surprised so I guess it’s not regular or not supposed to happen. My host brother and cousin have warmed up to me, whenever I come home from school they come running up saying “Anata Anata Anata Anata Anata.” Yes, I’m still being called Anata and no, I don’t respond to it yet. Also, when I am being overfed, to avoid offending, I slip a few cookies or biscuits to the boys so I think that helps them like me more. Today was our first day of language classes which move a little slower than I would prefer but it is good to review (or learn) the basics. It’s just funny to be learning the alphabet when we can read Portuguese fairly well and have basic communication skills.

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