Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Election day is tomorrow, hopefully everything goes peacefully. I have finally gotten a little sick which was inevitable, so i left language class early yesterday and went to bed at 5pm. We had a technical session on languages in Mozambique today. The official language is Portuguese, but almost all Mozambicans speak at least two languages, Portuguese and their native language. Over 2O languages from the Bantu family alone are spoken in Mozambique. The local language here is Changana in which i have learned to say only "good morning" and "good night." Changana has a lot of whistling-type sounds and i am not physically capable of saying some of the words my family has tried to teach me. After about a week of trying to buy stamps, the post office was finally open when I went today. There are no hours per say, it's open whenever the guy decides to show up.

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